Thursday, 17 May 2007

New Developments

I've been tasked with developing a couple of new units for work:

Weblogs (Intermediate 2)
This unit is designed to enable candidates to find, review and create weblogs (“blogs”). The unit will provide candidates with an opportunity to explore the applications of blogs, create a blog and track blogs using aggregation tools.
1. Locate and review blogs of various types.
2. Create a blog to perform a specific information task.
3. Track selected blogs.
SQA descriptor (PDF link)

Social Software (Intermediate 2)
This Unit is designed to enable candidates to locate and use social software a term used to describe a range of software tools that promote interaction and collaboration. These tools include, but are not restricted to, email, chat, newsgroups or forums, instant messaging, blogs, wikis and online communities. The unit is suitable for candidates who wish to improve their knowledge and skills in the area of social software.
1 Describe the development of social software and the various types available.
2 Locate and review social software of various types.
3 Use social software to perform specific social tasks.
SQA descriptor (PDF link)

DigitalKatie's mentioned some of those items in her edublog.