Monday, 21 May 2007

Lack of Honour

Just catching something on BBC2 just now about squaddies being chucked out of Harrods (the cammo might scare customers); and a Gurkha Major who gets no pension because of a doubt over which Allied command he served with in the battle for Burma.

I hate living in a country which has no honour, prats around with clauses and wriggles out of their duty at whatever chance they get.

Government talks about citizenship, but look at the face that it projects.

I need to get out more. Away from the so-called celebrities and spin-doctors, away from people who refuse to accept responsibility for their own in/actions, away from the blame culture, because it is easier to blame others than to admit that you made a mistake or acted on incomplete evidence, away from the media running everything, and a government that can't see why more people can't be bothered voting.

I live in a 2-tier country - those who care and those who don't.

Shame I have to escape to the hills to get away from people who don't give a monkeys about the country they live in. Littering, risking death overtaking on blind corners, smashing bottles on the street. No honour. No sense of duty.

We get the government we deserve.

I'm on the journey I make for myself. Nature intervenes. Other people appear and disappear. the journey is mine, and I accept responsibility for my own decisions. Hike your own hike.

The only epitaph I aim for is: "He done good".

It is all that we can hope for. No excuses, no wriggling out, no clauses to escape from. Just the big blackness. Did you do good today? If not, why not? It isn't difficult. Did you roll over and accept lies and hypocrisy because it is easier than fighting against it? You need the truth. You can handle the truth. The only true crime is stupidity.


John Hee said...

"We get the government we deserve"

Unfortunately that goes for society as well.

Think we're just getting old?

AktoMan said...

Yup - if you see a crime in progress, speak to the next copper you see...hmm...or wait for an hour until someone appears...

Why do we deserve that?

My grandmother waited for 3 hours screaming in agony in A&E with nurses unwilling to do anything as they had to wait for a doctor to come to see her.

Why do we deserve that?