Monday, 11 June 2007

Lakes - Saturday eve

It wasn't Darren after all, but Lay. For Darren's health and being worried of a relapse, he'd decided to stay down in the valley at Easedale Tarn. BG and Lay were staying down there. Because of lack of mobile phone signal down in the valley, Lay had walked up to tell us.

Chatting amongst ourselves, Geoff decided to stay uphill, while the rest of us headed back down to Easedale. As he'd miss it later, I left him with a cupful of saké.


We passed back down through the weird Herdwick sheep. That lamb just looks wrong. I wouldn't have been surprised if it started bleating out "Mammee".


Back down at Easedale tarn, the tourists were away, and found pitches quite easily. Lay used a 2-skin tent; Dawn had a single skin tent; John and I both had Aktos, BG/Stef had a hooped bivvy, and Darren a tarp. I'd swapped out the OMM foam mat that I used on Friday night with the Insul-mat (far more comfortable).


Settled in, fed and watered, it was time for the gifts. Spiritburner had sent a second Bellingham/BPC buff to me weeks ago, with a note to Darren (the buff-slayer). (WD's diary)


Most folk were in bed as soon as it got dark. I think the heat had just sapped people's energy.


BG! said...

Good pics and a comprehensive blog, Duncan. Oh, and thanks for not posting those pics of me with my trews down!

The kids say "thanks" for the candy, but I'm the only one here that likes the dried seaweed, so please accept a solo-thanks from me for that.

Just a minor point - the hyperlink "under" my name takes me to WD's site, you might want to amend that (maybe that's why he gets far too many page-hits!)

Anyway, you were excellent company, as were the others. We've got to do this again sometime, maybe up in your neck of the woods?

AktoMan said...

Oops, sorry about that BG, I've fixed the wrong site link. I got sloppy last night as I wanted the photos up. Sorry.

I was suprised so many people liked the seaweed. Find your local Oriental supermarket and go raiding.

Agreed, company great.

WD said...

BG is not the only one grateful for you not putting the picture of BG with his pants down. So are all the rest of us ;)

I second what BG said, but I have to take anyway I can to get the old page hits. ^__^

AktoMan said...

"the picture of BG with his pants down"

That's these creeping Americanisms causing confusion. He had his trousers down, showing his pants; and not his pants down showing his...well, you get the bod.