Saturday, 2 June 2007


Since starting in September 2006, this blog has attracted 7,713 visits (averaging 28 visits a day) and 12,974 pageviews. 66% of readers are returning visitors.

Geographic split:

  • UK (82%)
  • US (7%)
  • Germany (3.5%)
  • Norway (0.8%)
  • China (0.6%)
  • Canada (0.5%)
  • Ireland (0.5%)
  • France (0.4%)
  • Netherlands (0.4%)
  • Spain (0.3%)
  • Rest of the World (3.6%)

What that means is that each of the dots below represents you and me - but mainly you. That's a dot on every continent (hiya Tasiilaq, Greenland) except one: Antarctica.

What surprises me is that there are so many different dots in such differing climates and terrain and that many of these dots come back time and again. Haven't you got lives to lead? I can't be communicating anything new to you, can I? And a lot of you live in such disparate parts of the world that my trips outdoors must be irrelevant to your own immediate experience.

So, what do the numbers mean? Just that I hope I made a difference in your life. Did I do good?


Simon said...

That lloks like a big blob in the Sudan of all places!

Simon said...

And several(?) visitors from Alice Springs?

AktoMan said...

Am I in a Jam for that, Simon?

BG! said...

[pedantic mode]

All those visitors since September 2007, eh?

Presumably they all hitched a time-ride in your Tardis...

[/pedantic mode]


wanders off to ponder the effects of a warped time-space continuum on the future (or past) of blogging...

AktoMan said...

Pedantic mode: it's TARDIS...

off to fix error using my sonic screwdriver