Saturday, 14 October 2006

Couch 11: No Sleep til Mulgie

Yeah, I know it's written as "Milngavie", but it doesn't scan as well.

Final loaded pack weight 20.8kg. That includes six days of food, water, Sigg, batteries, map, notes, route-book, cook gear. Bit of a tight squeeze in the Atmos. To be honest, it wasn't as flexible to pack as the Z-Pack, but it is more comfortable. Thanks to PW for telling me about loading the hydration sack into the space in the backpanel. That created more space, and should stop to load from shifting as the water gets drunk.

Printed off route maps from MemoryMap. The waypoints are already in my Geko unit. Weather forecast printed and emailing route plans and daily targets to my folks.

Birthday message left with Bob, and malt sipped and savoured.

Sadly, I can't get the email from O2 working on my mobile. I should have looked at this earlier, and have run out of time. Blogger allows email blogs from mobile phones, but I'd need to investigate the settings properly, as the ones given aren't working for me.

Thanks for all the tips and support, folks.

Think I'll just rest my eyes to pass the 3 hours remaining before I have to get up...


Franco said...
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Anonymous said...

Aktoman, do you have an actual kit list for your WHW trek as I hope to try and do the same in September of this year. I note yours was in October and I wondered in particular what kind of sleeping bag you took with you.

AktoMan said...

A gear list is still on my list of things to do. Sorry.

Down sleeping bag - Cumulus Ultralight 350. Just over a hundred quid. Fits into an Exped Small bag. Got mine from Kentdale Outdoor. It's the only bag I've used since I got it last June. Comes with mesh storage bag too. Pertex outer in case of damp conditions.

I'll try and get a kit list done, as it's fairly stable, and works for me.