Sunday, 22 October 2006

Couch 14

Carried my Primus Gravity gas stove for 95 miles and only used it 4 times to boil water. Thought that I was being silly. So spent money at Planet Fear on a Primus Micron. I'll cope with my fears of the screw-in stove and its high centre of gravity. Just need to make sure it is stable first - shouldn't be difficult.

Primus Gravity: 220g. Primus Micron: 96g.

Been hobbling round flat. 2 blisters are painful, but I'll get over it. Tent drying naturally, other gear washed and dried. I definitely took too much food with me, still got lots left.


Story Quine said...

Blog is much enchanced with pictures and links. Onto a winner there! Cam should definitely pick it up - should email him! (McNeish that is, nae the ither ane!)

AktoMan said...

Thanks, lass. Have you found the kareoke sections yet?

Andy Howell said...

I always end up bringing food back home with me. Mind you, it is a good thing to try and plan some food drops - that way you can keep the amount down a bit.