Monday, 16 October 2006

WHW day 3.1

Breakfasting outside the Rowchoish Bothy. Coffee and porridge, nice. Planning target. I'd like to get beyond Crianlarich today. Blisters to tape up, not nice.

I put 2 new duracell batteries in the solaruno last night and then connected it to my phone - it charged the phone. No sunlight involved. It doesn't appear to fully charge the phone, takes it to 3/4 charge; low power batteries seem to drain the phone battery, so I'll need to watch that.

I've made an entry in the bothy book. Shame that someone felt so selfish when they vandalised the book. Especially when they got free shelter thanks to others being unselfish. Coffee almost finished. Better get a move on. Looks a fine day ahead. Birdsong, cattle lowing and the background drone of traffic from across the loch. Hello hello, to anyone at work, it's grand out here. A couple of flies are using my texting-hand as a salt-lick. Best get on, just too comfy here.


Michael G Clark said...

Hope your blisters don't get too bad, not fun.

Weather here is dull and lifeless, you make the most of the walk and I'll catch you later.