Thursday, 19 October 2006

WHW day 6.6

14 miles to Fort William. The heavens have opened, though I think that's why the factory was built here - wettest place in the UK, though my memory may be wrong on that [*]. Currently sat under the shelter of an umbrella in the beer garden of the Ice Factor, Kinlochleven. I didn't like to muddy their cafe, and had already scoped out a shelter on the way in. No-one asked how the walk was going.

Blast! Just found the water run-off from the umbrella pole as it runs water down my knee. Another cunning plan foiled. Waterproofs, then away.


Martin said...

...and a very fine bus stop this is, too. Stopped there, considering whether to be good and take the 13.33 number 44 bus back to Glen Coe, or just pretend we missed it and wait for the next one (18.10) in the Trailrace Inn.

....I have to say the Atlas' 'Three sisters' went down rather well (if you'll pardon the expression). 18.10 it was.

AktoMan said...

Nice to be able to just kick back and take the break.