Sunday, 15 October 2006

WHW day 2.7

Near Cluan, snack whilst waiting for aquamira drops to mix. Then add to Lomond water. Been milling over arguments for charging people walking the way. Hmm. So far I've walked on forest tracks used by day trippers, unpavemented roads with no warnings to drivers, footpaths used by locals on foot, bike and horse. A post every so often doesn't cost that much to install, surely.

Through-hikers don't spend as much locally, true, but the amount of litter along the trail left by daytrippers is terrible. Idea for ad campaign: the hiker weeps at the litter...then goes to hike elsewhere never to return to Jockland.
Beer grows on trees
The charger indicator on my Sony Ericsson uses power to tell me unit is charging ... But if there is no sunlight to charge the phone, simply having the phone plugged in to solar unit seems to drain the phone battery...but a charge seems to be feeding thru when I put batteries in the solar unit. Hmm. I'm going to have to experiment with that to see if I'm correct. If so, SolarUno become emergency charger from aaa batteries. Sweet.

I'm not risking accessing blogsite from mobile as net access eats power. If someone could text me the current sponsor total and any fun comments, that'd be nice.