Monday, 16 October 2006

WHW day 2.12

Finally found Rowchoish Bothy. Obvious when you can see where you're going. Not so when every track looks like it could lead to a shelter. I must remember to pack a nightlight next time a bothy is in vicinity of trek. First night in a bothy, but only me here. Guy at Row'n SYHA said someone had pitched their tent in here on tuesday - the bothy was leaking in the heavy rain. I haven't set a fire as it's only me.

That's 50km/31 miles in 2 days. Only 22km today. One new blister. Would the terrocs have been better? I don't know. The 'way' is different to anything I've done so far. Music in head today: Lily Allen 'if you look with your eyes' (IIRC) [*], Runrig's "once in a lifetime" (from 'protect and survive' I think) [*].