Saturday, 7 October 2006

Gear 4: Gerber Revolt

Okay, so there's an argument about not taking a pocket knife out on the hills, but I find a pocket-knife useful. The portable toolkit of the Swiss Army knife has never appealed to me, so just have a wee blade instead. The od-ities pocket knife was showing its age (starting to wobble and not keeping an edge) so I decided to look for something better. Gerber is a 'named' brand, and the tanto shape of the Revolt caught my eye. Too many knives seem to be impractical these days - I don't know what the market is, but I don't see the point of knives where the hilt is an open frame.

Weight 91 grammes. Lanyard hole for fitting onto pocket emergency kit. It has a belt-clip, but I'll remove that.

Also, collected PacerPoles sections from Sorting Office today. On Tuesday, I sent the lower sections back to be released; on Thursday morning the PO tried to deliver the fixed poles back to me. Rapid service!