Saturday, 7 October 2006

Couch 2: Hike Wales

Chris Cowell's got a good looking blog across at Hike Wales. Just makes me realise that I must tweak the template here. My couscous recipe is blander than Chris' so I haven't posted it yet:

Boil water, use some to make brew, pour some into bag of flavoured couscous, close bag, put bag into the pan of hot water and leave until you finish cuppa. Stir and eat couscous.

Many of my 'recipes' are boil-in-bag, or eat out of bag. Shame the pizza delivery service uses mopeds and not mountain bikes. When I get more organised, I'll do things like Chris has, and follow up the real recipes in Freezer Bag Cooking. The author, Sarah Svien, was interviewed by Practical Backpacking in their third podcast. I heard it at Geldie Lodge earlier in the year and it piqued my fancy.


Sarah Svien said...

Hi! I ran across your blog while googling. Thanks for the nice mention.
Have to say: I have wanted to hike in Scotland for as long as I can remember. Hoping to get there in the next couple years!
Sarah Svien

AktoMan said...

Thanks to Sarah mealtimes are more interesting. I'm still to make up a pot cozy. Something that'll fit inside the pot for storage or be usable as a wind-shield.