Thursday, 9 August 2007

Trust No One

I just caught an interview with Ralph Little on television. He talked about his new project and how it uses social networking on the Internet. Link to KateModern.

He mentioned that the first person to have done this was LonelyGirl15.

I'm not keen on duping people. So long as it is obvious that it is drama, otherwise it stops people trusting social networking (if anyone does have an ounce of trust left in them in this cynical world). I hear that advertisers are already using Second Life, as well as employing actors to talk about products 'by word of mouth'. I've always had a dislike of advertising that is beyond the informative - why should companies manipulate the consumer into buying a product if the product is good enough. Naive, I know.

So, it this use of new media just manipulation. With a series like "Heroes" (first time on terrestrial in UK, episode 4 last night), I went looking for information online. I didn't need to be manipulated into watching it. I saw the informative trailer and watched the first episodes.

I recall a line from one of the seminars coming up at the Outdoor Retailers Summer 07 Expo:

it has never been more important to be focused, meaningful and consistent in creating and cultivating authentic consumer relationships.

And if you can fake that, you've got it made. (cartoon)