Thursday, 2 August 2007

The cloud cleared

Heading off Braeriach
Low cloud on Braeriach. I headed west then south past the Wells of Dee.
Cloud clears over the Great Moss
And there was Loch nan Cnapan where she should be. There too is Coire Dhondail where i left him last year. I'm off down to get clear of the cloud. Sun is even making an attempt to peek through the whisps.
Cliffs of Gleann Einich
Sgor Gaoith
Sgor Gaoith across the glen. The cairn marks the scramble up from Coire Dhondail below. Which I did last year.
Gleann Einich
Gleann Einich, looking northwards towards Aviemore.
Frog's idea of hiding
Disguised as a rock, the frog stayed motionless, invisible to everyone.


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Sorry about picture quality. I'll update them with better snaps once I get unpacked...and the beer finished off, and pizzas eaten...