Friday, 24 August 2007

Buff Nr 3

I was distracted by the word "sale" in Blacks' windows and came out with my third buff. I went for a tribal design, brown base colour. Some of the folk at work were interested, and one reckoned it could be worn as a yarmulka - and we managed it.


WD "Buff Addiction Councillor" said...

that is soooo saaad
Have they drug tested your work mates? As liking buffs is a sure sign of excessive drug use.

Please next time you feel like buying one call the hotline and I will talk you down.Failing that a sharpe shooter will put you out of your misery before you can purchase another over priced hankie ;)

AktoMan said...

But it was such a nice pattern. Very subdued. Like wearing a tribal tattoo. I can handle it. It's not as if I need another one now.

I'll wear it out next weekend.

It's my workmates that you might need to worry about. There seemed like a couple of people who were taken by the buff design. And then if they pass on to two more, and so on...viral advertising in action.