Saturday, 11 August 2007


Finishing the last of the sake in my tent, eating the Belgian cooking chocolate, I notice on the map places called 'bwlch'. My pronunciation guide says that 'w' in welsh is pronounced 'oo'. So that would be boo-lach. Maybe. Sounds similar to bealach, and in passes too. Similar but different.

The seaweed soup was great, the almond & fungus pudding less so, nori crackers made a change from crisps. All good fayre from the oriental supermarket. Variety is the spice of life.

It was great to have Alan Sloman look over my Akto and point out the improvements that Hilleberg have made. I tend to be lazz when it comes to guying, so good to get pointers. Other new people i've met: Mike the chef (just so passionate about food) and Ali, who braved the llyn (loch) for a swim.


John Hee said...

....and you managed to beat Darren to be the first to blog back as well

AktoMan said...

It's not a race, John. We all have different styles, different voices, different tolerance levels for posting any cr*p that comes to mind.

Hope the garden is looking nice, and the back not too bad.

WD said...

and O2 had better coverage T_T

John Hee said...

what - no pigeon stuffed in the top of the bag

AktoMan said...

Oops, was that Darren's back-up communications system ... I thought it was our dinner. Washed down with a fine quianti ffffff

You'd think Darren would have a way to solve his comms problem by now. Being in a tarp and having no mobile signal is his modus operandi these days.

That's me off the Christmas list ;-)