Friday, 24 August 2007

Mike's Presentation

When Mike woke up and then spent ages chatting up/to some lass in Spain, he popped round for a coffee and received his presentation AktoMug. There's only three in existence just now. If you want one yourself, they are at the shop - watch for the shipping if you are ordering from outside the USA. Each month I'll be changing the message on the side of the mug so that they are timestamped (eg August has July's number of visitors).

Mike's AktoMug

For those not aware, Mike designed the AktoMan logo (link). He also pushed me into buying the dSLR and sourced a zoom lens for me. Cracking chap, not an evil, nasty bone in his body ... it's all in his brain!

Mike's busy working on Mark's current film release, and now a new project too - which sounds great.


Simon said...

The background in this picture seems to be experiencing some sort of grotesque colour meltdown. I think that you need to have your camera looked at.

AktoMan said...

It's to stop people commenting on my naff collection of books.

Simon said...

It's intended to STOP your book collection looking naff? It's not working.

AktoMan said...


Michael G Clark said...

I thought I was doing the distortion with the power of my mind. I are distorto.

Oh, I'd better shut up or Syler will get me!!

AktoMan said...

Your mental, you r.