Thursday, 15 February 2007

Test Logos

Just testing a few images. Nothing to see here folks. Just some (parody) work Mike did for me. All set to blogger upload, medium size.
1. Transparent Gif.

2. Jpg, white background.

3. Jpg, matching background (Edited to set up for hosting on zooomr).



George Griffin said...

Very ActionMan :)

AktoMan said...

Hence the 'parody' comment. I like that Mike worked the Akto plan into the design.

George Griffin said...

That is clever, I didn't see it at first :)

AktoMan said...

To be honest, neither did I, George. Mike's promised to make me some other graphics too. Good job I got given a bottle of wine for helping out a workmate today. It's a 2006, so it is still fresh.