Thursday, 15 February 2007

And the loser is...

CNES, formerly, WIIC, formerly WIC, formerly Sellafield (no, that was someone else), are meeting today to decide the fate of proposed wind factories. I doubt that William Hill's are taking bets on the outcome of that one. Gosh, the council get money if they approve the planning permission, and don't get money if they reject it. Hmmmm, conflict of interest? Hopefully the Exec get involved to get some common sense into the equation, rather than begging for projects from the first snake-oil salesman that comes along.

Will it make a difference to global warming whilst countries like the US are belching out pollutants? Yes, in the same way that switching off power to the tv and pc will make a difference.

Will it damage income from tourism? Yes. Who wants to visit a spoilt industrial landscape? Never mind, there's always Norway and countries with similar access and wilderness.

Will it stop me visiting the folks? No. But we discussed the eyesores across in North Lochs that we could see from South Lochs.

Should people Photoshop out the turbines from their photographs? No. If they are there, show people what the scenery really looks like, not what it used to look like.

But, wth, it means cheaper electricity, a spoilt landscape for the decreasing rural communities (remember communities? they used to exist in the urban environment ages ago).

Do I have any facts to back up any of these speculations? Nope. But by the time the cooncil vote through their r.t.r.m.nt package...sorry, far-sighted plan for the future of energy generation in Scotland, it'll be too late to say, "I told you so". I'll be happy to be proved wrong. I live in a democracy. We have local councilors, governments, elections, etc.

Info/news: [CNES][MWT] [SyToday][BBC]


Michael G Clark said...

I like wind farms, I don't really care if they are actually producing electricity though.

I just like them because they look spacey ;$

AktoMan said...

You are entitled to your opinion, my friend. Democracy is a wonderful thing.

One of my workmates said something similar today. Said it reminded her of Don Quixote.