Monday, 26 February 2007

On a Ragga Tip

Monday just blew by. A change is as good as a rest. Thanks to Simon and Kev for emails.

My media empire continues to grow, getting a letter read out in "All about Miniatures" podcast nr 7. Interesting discussion from Americans having difficulty knowing the difference between England and Britain. LOL - nice to they honestly admit they have a problem! Good listen if you play figure wargames.

Off to do a healthy shop, and fast-forward through "The Adventure Show".

Oh, prog on BBC2 Alba, this Thursday about blogging:

  • Cuairt Nam Blog 6:30pm - 7:00pm BBC2 Scotland VIDEO Plus+: 71

More photos from the weekend can be found at The Boy Hope's gallery. This was on the same day as the time I was up on the snow, but look at the lack of snow in most of the shots.

Also he has a photo of the "killer ducks" at Loch Morlich. I saw them on Sunday, but they didn't risk approaching me in the mood I was in.


John Hee said...

BBC 2 Alba

Does that come with english subtitles?

AktoMan said...

These progs tend to be subtitled, useful for people like me.

"Series exploring the theme of journeys as part of BBC Scotland's Highland 2007 coverage. Ishbel Murray travels to Los Angeles and Alaska to meet people who keep in touch with other Gaelic speakers around the world by writing blogs in Gaelic." (Radio Times)

According to the Daily Record, "As part of the Highland 2007 celebrations, this six-part series uses the theme of journeys to explore Gaelic and Highland culture."

John Hee said...

I should be able to get that on NTL cable then - cheers for the tip