Saturday, 17 February 2007

A Blogramme(c) about Stornoway

Just trying out a format that I thought of after re-watching the Money Programme on DIY TV from last night.

The 'blogramme' format I'm using links YouTube progs around a geographic location, or particular event. I haven't seen anyone do this before, so lets see how this possible Internet first goes (don't you feel privileged ;-)


Where is Stornoway? It is here.

What does it look like?

Driving round Stornoway to give an idea of the place:

Does it ever stop raining?

No, not if you believe the mainland weather forecast. Okay, so the general forecast is often wrong due to the low-lying nature of much of the island. Just look at the sun in this old clip:

Okay, and a more genuine observation of the sun shining on the righteous folk of Steornabhaigh.

What do people do there?

Shinty - it's like rugby, but with sticks.

Go on quizzes.

Attend concerts:

Have wet fun:

And wait for the weather to change:

What are the people like?

Weird, no. But here's a sample of teuchter humour.

And finally:

oidhche mhath


Anonymous said...

Good idea bout the blogramme idea matey, thanks also for using my video :D

AktoMan said...

Which one are you, Anon? Some good clips there, and I thought the idea of using YouTube as a media archive was as good as any - okay, not the quality of the BBC, for example, but people are doing their best. Thanks for taking the time.

Hopefully YT will increase the picture quality sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

my video is the last one, the best town in Scotland, i have also just made a new one about the Iolaire disaster, if you check my channel on youtube you'll find it, perhaps it could go under a history header.

cool site

John Paul