Sunday, 25 February 2007

On the dock of the bay

2 gear shops later and i'm a happier bunny. Chap in ellis-brigham gave me some spare rope so i can practice knots. That was all i needed in the shops. Everything else is me. Not a 'wannabe', but a 'gonnabe'. Bought a pile of fruit in Tescos. Like the Uistman said yesterday, "you've got to throw yourself into life". I've lost track of that, as i skite from one project to another.

25-Feb-07 13:31


Anonymous said...

Sieze the day, and you did. You tried - better luck next time, speaking as someone who had to come home after two days on a supposed 'Medium' difficulty walking holiday in Glencoe - I managed Buchaille Etive Beag and Ben Nevis, but what made me give up was nasty horrible Munro-baggers that RUN up and down scree and leaving the rest of us NORMAL ppl behind. v glad you had kind OMers to look after you. Keep trying man, it canna get ony worse now. ;-)


AktoMan said...

Not same as your experience, Quine. I was the one who dropped out. Not left behind. I now have a real idea of the standard I have to achieve to call myself "hill-fit", rather than dawdling along, taking breaks every 20 mins ("I'm just taking a photo", or "I'm sure I saw a stag, no, just some heather"), etc, etc.