Monday, 19 February 2007

Filum review: Hot Fuzz

Watched the new film from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. I thought "Spaced" was excellent, innovative, and, sadly, there has been nothing really to beat it on TV since then.

With film "Shaun of the Dead", the first zomromcom, was funny, but horror's not my thing. "Hot Fuzz" is. The homages from movies that I failed to pick up on in "Shaun" are all there, mainly because I enjoy that genre. IMHO: well filmed, well made, has all the stereotypes as stereotypes, and a cracking cast. Intelligent, violent, funny, and doesn't take itself seriously (for example, Angel's police number is 777; the 2 detectives could have been lifted from "Life on Mars"). It also has guns. Lots of guns.

Oh, and Bill Bailey gets to do his West Country accent in a film, as they didn't give him a chance in "The Lord of the Rings". And watch for the Nick Frost moment in the car chase, as he shouts "bang bang" whilst firing his autopistol.

Links: Official Site, Trailer, Video Diary, IMDB, spoilers for after you have seen the film


George Griffin said...
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George Griffin said...

I`m off to see it on thursday as a birthday treat :-)

Loved Spaced and Shaun, its a pity the Simon Pegg hasn't done more work with Jessica S.