Saturday, 17 February 2007

Photo Story 3

Productive afternoon with FJ visiting. Besides inventing the blogramme format, where we discussed its usage in local history. Okay, maybe 'discussed' is too democratic a term, I babbled on as the images were forming in my mind and the words strove to catch up with the thoughts.

Of course, where no video clips exist, you are limited to stills.Conversation turned to Ric and Ken Burns' use of still imagery in their series "The Civil War". So, I downloaded Microsoft's Photo Story tonight and have been playing around with it. Sadly I don't find it as intuitive as Windows Movie Maker, but the price suits me.

I've uploaded a clip of my Dad's home village, and simulated a complex panning by loading the same basic image in three times. The opening credits were shot against a plain black graphic (I couldn't find the 'credits' section).

Let me know what you think. Constructive criticism welcome. If you prefer static photos to remain static, I still have a site at



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Overseas shouts go to Munich, I must apologise for not painting the WW1 German wargames figures as Bavarians, but that would mean I had lots of blue-and-white ribbons to paint, and I'm a bad painter. Across to the US to New Haven in the east, LA in the west, and the wonderfully named, Titusville in Florida. In Canada, there's a spooky tie-in with the earlier posting about Bill Oddie's tv show, as one hit came from Victoria, Vancouver Island. As the hit came before I blogged about the tv prog I had watched, there is only one piece of music that fits the bill (and it is from Canada too).

And we've broached the Southern Hemisphere. Epping, NSW, Australia. I heard about this shark wrestling (audio interview is a cracker) from down there, so I'm not saying anything that may upset anyone in Oz. Honest.