Thursday, 15 February 2007


A well, early start, early finish today. Got the usual idiots speeding past me this morning as I drive 30mph in the company car in a 30mph zone. As bad on the way back down the road. Driving behind a lorry doing 50mph, and the lass in my rvm had her head at 90' looking for a spot to overtake. I honestly can't say that it's got any better in the last 7 years of making the run regularly. I can point out the places on the road where cars have crashed, and people have died. Usually the same place that some eejit decides that their job, meeting, dinner, will not wait another 5 minutes. Call me a sanctimonious git if you wish, but I'm tired of people risking there life, or worse, risking my life. When did life become so cheap? Or is it the reverse postulation; when did people think that their life had so much value that it was to be placed above everything else?


Site updates. As well as playing around with YouTube and the logos, I've signed to and just used it to find Northern Trip's blog from back home on Lewis. Which then pointed to a webcam site from Newton in Sy, and then to the BBC island-blogging site.

Found the thanks to that. Not as cute as Carol K, though.

Followed Andy Howell's instructions and now have a pro-account on Zooomr. Found this photo posted, so will have to look for more of the same.

And finally got the site analysis working (Google Analytics), and got the stats in for the first day's viewing. 22 people visited yesterday, half from OM (from a link I posted), all from the UK. 11 people spend an average of 2 minutes and 32 seconds reading the main blog page. Exciting stuff this. 3 people were on dial-up. One had difficulty pronouncing the word Usagi, and Metric Kate was wearing a dressing gown when viewing the rose picture. Gosh, these reports are detailed.

As this is my blog, I can leave out emoticons. You figure it out.


Report in on the lewis wind factory, no surprise, "Councillors voted by 18 to eight to support the plan. The final decision rests with the Scottish Executive." [info on this industrialisation of rural communities at BBC News]


weird darren said...

Sorry Elizabeth Saary ( is way cuter than your pick.

John Hee said...

Thanks for the tip on google - sounds interesting. I'll see what it gives me above and beyond statcounter which I've found good to date, but these things do move on every so often

AktoMan said...

I just felt the urge to find out if anyone out on the blogosphere was reading the blog. I do tend to babble on, in RL as well as here. I'm not interested in the nitty gritty, and amn't interested in selling advertising [you need SOYLENT GREEN] space, so the financial info is of no relevance. Something to look at when I'm bored.

AktoMan said...

Sorry, WD, I don't know her. Is there a clip of her in action?

Carol at:

weird darren said...

nor have I!!!
just was looking at the piccies and thought that she was more pleasing on the eye.

AktoMan said...

Well, I wouldn't chuck either of them out of bed to get to you, WD.

Weird Darren said...

Aktoman, pmsl
if you had I would of been VERY worried ^__^

AktoMan said...

I'm paraphrasing the first boss I worked for after leaving school, WD. Joe and Philip would look out of the office window on a Friday afternoon, watching the world go by. Comments like that would be made. Sometimes reversed for comic effect.