Sunday, 11 February 2007

Deep Frise

No work done today. Office door was locked, and I couldn't be bothered tracking down a janitor. So I took my new gps usb cable home and returned to looking for videos to put on YouTube (link to AktoMan channel).

Played around with Windows MovieMaker, dropped the sound on wind-locked movies, and added credits. Gosh, was it really 2005 when I dragged myself up my first Munro.

New cable works well, and I've imported data from the gps unit into memory maps. I seem to have lost some 'tracks' though. I had backed up some of the overlays, but I wasn't religious about it.

Discovered a feature of the Windows XP Media Center called "Windows Dancer". It is scarily sad. Chanel's my favourite (phrase works best if said in a hillbilly accent). Speaking of which, the "drive through Alabamy, provoking the natives" piece on "Top Gear" was seriously scary. And then to have a lawyer come after them for mis-representing a car they gave away for free because they got the wrong year of the model (1989 instead of 1991, or something).

If anyone's interested, Wikipedia still has a lot of un-detailed Munros to be written about. That surprises me. But then, I've had a run-in with them in the past.

Item found on YT today: "Beyond the Bothy". The link is to part 1, the other parts are listed.

Sadly, there was a fatality in Glencoe on Saturday, and the MRT/SAR teams were out looking for three separate groups over the weekend. Link to BBC News. No doubt the papers will go on their usual rant, ignoring the fact that there will be a greater number of deaths on the road this weekend. Care need be taken in all circumstances, but no-one suggests charging road accident victims for the cost of the emergency services. Humanity! Sometimes humans need to be reminded what the word means. My sympathy to the families of all who lost loved ones this weekend.