Sunday, 4 February 2007

Dave's End2End

"I'm, so Dave" Land's End to John O'Groats, without a clue.
Sorry, but I missed this one, picked it up from John Hee's blog. Sounds like a lunchtime read to me. Dave says on Day 1:

I haven't prepared much for this. I haven't definitively decided on a route. It's been a spur of the moment decision to attempt a forgotten long-held ambition. I've jacked in the day job in the hope that the time that this walk will take will allow me to think about what I'd really like to do with myself. As far as fitness is concerned, I've done some walking, and I've done some running. I've consulted the excellent website of Mark Moxon and I've purchased the book by Andrew McCloy. I've got the gear. I've got the time. Everything else I'll discover on the way.

I'm listening to The Steve Merchant show on BBC6 - where Dave's on after 4.15pm. I can honestly say I've never listened to BBC6 before. He's about 1:20mins into the show on the player.

Dave commented on Mark Moxon's LEJOG walk website. There's a whole different world out there!

I'm off to try the route file from Mark Moxon's site. I've seen that Google Earth allows more fun things than just zooming in on places, but I've never got round to working with it. As ever, too much to do, too little time. Or the expression I picked up last year: "you can do anything, you just can't do everything".


John Hee said...

Glad the link was useful.
I've found Google Earth can be used to virtually walk over paths in areas that you've not been to before. Also pretty good for spotting bog v good terrain once you get your eye in

AktoMan said...

I use it in addition to Memory map. Also useful for showing HNC students where Arran is, and then tilting it to get a 3D view. I'm starting to switch off info on Google Earth as it is getting cluttered. Good price too :)