Thursday, 8 February 2007

Trail: March 07

As we're into March, the cover has lost it's snow and is replaced by a walker traipsing down a scary rocky slope, with cliffs over his shoulder, presumably across a valley. Gulp. One of my Grandfathers was a Sgitheanach, and would be ashamed at my woosiness.

Bit of a couples thing going on (but wasn't Valentine's Day back in February?) I'm confused ;-)

Reviews of a couple of new pieces of gear, and then the "must have" section.

"The Mission" is a tale that I've just started reading after skimming through the contents. How could I not, after the Chandler-esque opening paragraph:
It had been three years since Scotland last tried to kill me.

I'll leave others to take contention with the 'riles'...sorry, 'rules' entitled "Don't assume light is right". Cheap and heavy ain't often right either.

I imagine TGO Challenge folk, or anyone heading out overnight in the Highlands, will find the notes useful.

Next is a top 10 of Britain's greatest wildernesses. Nice to see the Hearrachs getting a mention.

As ever, "The Knowledge" is packed with information. I still have a mental image of Alan Hinkes' dramatic escape. Reminds me of a scene from "Ice Cold in Alex". One piece of 'knowledge' is on a tarp, and its defence against insects - I did wonder how tarp and bivvy users cope with ticks.

Crib Goch article has me thinking that Claire Maxted has a death wish. I look at the photos and think of 3 points of contact, and yet she's bounding over them as if sponsored by Red Bull. I'm such a wimp!

Detailed reviews: Jane Grimshaw on women's overtrousers. Graham T on solar panels. No doubt the next thing will be wind turbines...hmmm, part of my brain's going off on a tangent there.

Fitness academy. Used & abused. The Aonachs.

Routes are under the "between the peaks" strand. For, I think, the first time, I can say that I've already been on 2 of the routes. Wayyyyyyy.

Now, I must have missed seeing the YouTube link to the magazine's video clips. There is a note on how to join the readers' polls (p7). Bloggers not listed on Webwatch.

----and now (drumroll please)----

Trail Gear Guide 07.

Not only an introduction "why...are worth every penny", then between 1 and 4 pages of what to look for if buying the item before you even get to the listings by manufacturers.

If that's not enough, there is "other stuff" in there too.

But...more photos of youngsters balancing precariously on rocks. I just want to say "stop it, you'll hurt yourself, lass". I do worry so ;-)

Oh - and on page 108 there are instructions on how you can get your own photo on the cover of Trail.


Anonymous said...

Sgitheanach - your link is in Gaelic. I feel excluded. I may have to sue!

Anonymous said...

Hey Aktoman - Did you check this link ?

AktoMan said...

I always check the links before posting. Gets away from the heuchter-teuchter stuff and into real life.