Sunday, 18 February 2007

Wear it with pride

I like t-shirts. They help me get into a frame of mind for a task. At present I tend to sport a "Keep on trekkin" one from "Life is Good". I'm on the prowl for an appropriate one my blogger-ID.

  • ThinkGeek: "Blogito, Ergo Sum". I do like the "Comments (0)".
  • GoogleStore: Blogger logo.
  • Jinx: "Nobody reads my blog".
  • SplitTheAtom: the design sums up blogging. A bit Emerson-esque in the philosophy though.
  • BBC News: interesting, maybe work the Arabic "We will not be silent" into a t-shirt.
  • Some interesting ones there. I'll look back after tee...oops, that should be tea.

Nowt to do with blogging, but this one just cracked me up. It is smart on such a deep level.


Err, I just found that my blog is being copied via under the heading:

Is your blog blocked in India, Pakistan, Iran or China?
If Yes then you can still access your blog anytime using pkblogs free Blog Gateway.

Err. Should I be concerned? Should be concerned? No-one asked me. I'm in the huff now.


Weird Darren said...

I prefer this one they do

AktoMan said...


Strange one to have in the geek-wear. I must have missed that computer game?

Weird Darren said...

I don't want to show what a "geek" or gamer I am. But it's not refering to a specific game, but more a style of playing multiplayer first person shooters, where people "camp" in front of spawning spots and shoot people as they get spawned.

AktoMan said...

George? You two-timing me, Darren? Not interesting enough for you, you've got to go and see other bloggers behind my back! {sulk}

Ahh...people used to do that in MUD when I was laying it in RGIT in the mid 80's. It didn't have a name. Some people did that in pairs to build up one character. Grr.

Weird Darren said...

I was getting confused between tabs in IE T_T and I was so tired
what can I say? please forgive me?

back on subject, what can I say the youth of today have to have a name for everything.

AktoMan said...

There must be a name for getting confused between blogs/forums/texts?