Saturday, 17 February 2007

Casio G'zOne

Just caught an advert for the Casio G'zOne here, and it looks interesting. Wonder if it's available in the UK. My mobile stays in a waterproof sack in my rucksack, but that one looks the biz.


I've been following Bill Oddie's series "Back in the USA". It has been very good, with a mix of facts, humour, and is well put together. Hopefully the BBC will re-broadcast the Nebraska episode that they had to reschedule. And the people in Canada didn't get annoyed when his 'USA' programme visited Vancouver Island.

On this week's one about Arizona, he visits Jesse's garden where humming birds stop off for refueling on their migration. IIRC, he said that one year 1/2 million of these amazing birds had passed through his garden, supping on the sugared water he puts out for them. I think the most relaxing scene I've seen all week was of Bill Oddie, sat in the garden in Patagonia, Arizona, watching these birds flitting around, licking up the fake nectar.