Saturday, 17 February 2007

Saturn's Day

Just watched "Freeze Frame" - thought it was very good. Lee Evans in a straight acting roll. Lots of mind games. Thanks to Maggie for the bottle of wine that me and Mike finished off whilst watching the movie. I passed on your thank you present to him as a thank you from me for doing the logos, and he says thank you, as it is... was ... good plonk.


I'm just off to test something just now to see if I can add Zooomr pictures via html in Windows Live Writer (which I use for blogging if not using Blogger directly).


If it does work, the zooomr code I just pasted in above will load when I post to Blogger. Everyone and their nextdoor neighbour probably does this already, but I just thought about it on the way into work this morn...err...on Friday morning.


Andy Howell is podcasting about bloggers and their readers. More info from Andy, Darren and the great god OM.

From a statistic point of view, on Thursday AktoMan went international.

Turku/Finland:1. Bergen:1. Madrid: 1. Eastern US: 4 (onward to Richmond! The hit from Canton had me and Mike singing THE song). Western US: 2.

Friday: welcome back from Canton (no song, wine finished, Mike went home carrying props from his new movie - if the polis stop him, he'll be in serious trouble!) and Beacon Falls. Sorry folks, I think Canton is in NY State, but not sure if Beacon Falls is in Connecticut, the states get a little crowded on the map. We're AWI'ing it at the wargames club on Tuesday, so I'll get another chance to give a bad rendition of "this land is our land" as I try to boot the Brits off the table.

Hello to Regina/Canada (lapse into an Akira yell at that). Hi to Luneberg in Lower Saxony.


AktoMan said...

Woohoo the graphics coding worked.

Now I can spend the rest of the weekend doing what I normally do.

{what's that AktoMan?}

Planning to take over the world.