Tuesday, 27 February 2007

I like to move it

Playing around with Google.Reader, as it will save me clicking through the sidebars on my blog to open all the other blogs. It seems to only work on RSS feeds, so no Andy Howell at the moment, nor Bearded Git's blog. I'll see how it works.


I've changed the 'clustrmap' in the margin to report on visitor locations daily rather than weekly (which is why it has been looking empty recently).


For those who care, the current blog entry titles are being pseudo-randomly chosen from the "Reggae Massive" double album. If blogging is the new rock and roll, can I be Mr Boombastic?


Google Analytics info:

Weekly visits for last 7 days: 468, with 707 pages viewed. Returning visitors accounting for 64.96% of readers.

Overseas visitors:

  • Canada: Winnipeg
  • USA: Seattle, La Quinta, Los Angeles, Schaumburg, Canton (sing that song, folks!), King City, Tucker (welcome back), Washington, New Haven, Warwick.
  • EU (ex-UK): Saint-Gobain, Bonn, Markt Schwaben, Fellstrand, Sandnes.

(Singingz in your headz going "Naw go laba laba and a chat pure phart")


George Griffin said...

Andy has a RSS on his site, its the 5th item down on the right.

Its strange that some of the live-space seem to have RSS feeds and others don't.

I`ve been using google reader for quite awhile, it does had a few little flaws; updates can be slow at times and you can't see if anyone has left any comments.

So you have to go to the site anyway.


BG said...

With LiveSpaces, syndication (and therefore the provision of RSS) is a user option that I've not bothered with until now (I've just enabled it after reading this blog entry).



George Griffin said...

And its working :-)

BG said...

It's working???

What, first time, with no glitches?



AktoMan said...

Aye, George, I noticed that last night with comments. Which is a shame, cos the comments can take on a life of there own.

I'll have a skeg around and see if there are more readers, or other ways round the issue of opening streams of sites in new tabs.

AktoMan said...

BG, cheers, I'll add you to the feed when I get home from work.

John Hee said...

Thanks AM - I'd not tried google's version of RSS reader as I'd been sticking with a 3rd party freebie that does the mp3 d/loads automatically for me but I'll take a look now

I need something to streamline my integration as its taking me hours to play catch up each day!!

John Hee said...

About the stats AM.

I'm still a bit wary of Google Analytics. It seems to be over reporting in a number of categories compare to my current site analyser which has been running for 6+ mths.
I've not had GA running long enough yet to gather enough data for a comparative analysis, but I'll let you know when I do.

GA has just reported my first Indian visitor. Hope its not one of the outsourcers trying to take me over

AktoMan said...

Hi John. I'm not running an ad campaign, so have the luxury of believing everything I'm told.

I note that the Clustrmap info is close to the Google Analytics (maybe using same source?). It's a blog, nae literaeture