Friday, 23 February 2007

Blork Blork

In a very recent podcast, Bob Cartwright asks "Is Alan Sloman the UK's First Blorker?" (podcast page).

Alan Sloman's walk starts very soon, please sponsor him. If you don't know why he is doing this, please listen to the interview and read his site.

The podcast elaborates more on the novelty of Alan's effort "He is the first UK blogging walker on such a trip", and the podcast interview then expands on the challenge that this gentleman is undertaking.

I'll certainly be following his trek online. As well as donating to the cause.

(we're in your head, singing hiking songs to you in the dark)


Alan Sloman said...

I like the idea of all these walkers singing to me in my head...."It's the voices! They are singing to me officer! They made me do it!"