Tuesday, 27 February 2007

OM Events Calendar

A calendar of outdoors-related events can now be found here on the OutdoorsMagic site. Hopefully it is something that will run and run.


Oh, and the famous Cameron McNeish is now on the blogosphere. I wasn't going to mention it, as John Hee pipped this notice by a few hours (that's a lifetime, in the blog-time continuum).


Nice to see 3 of Bob's podcast shows getting rated in the top ten under "travel" at Podcast Nation.

(Cue the music)

Here's the countdown from 8 to 6, pod-pickers. At number 8 "The Outdoors Station - Video", number 7 "The Outdoors Station - Audio", and number 6 "Gap Year Light". That's a hat trick for Bob's casting network. Well done.


Weird Darren said...

Oi George,
get the facts right, John was scooped by me by an even bigger time gap. Corr can tell you don't visit my blog regularly!!!!!
John's ego will be impossible now ^_^

Weird Darren

PS Only joking on the name I know it's Duncan ;)

AktoMan said...

Your site is included in my regular trawl, Weird George, but my memory isn't as good as it used to be.

WD: 08:52 on the 27th.
John: 08:39 on the 27th.
But that's just the time of the posting, rather than scoops.

John Hee said...

Hee hee heeeeeeeeeee

Weird Darren said...

Thats John fiddling with his system clock again.
Nasty habit he has, his is PM while mine IIRC was AM.

AktoMan said...

JH's: 08:39:00 PM
WD: blocked by filter.

I lurk corrected.