Thursday, 22 February 2007


Invented the "CinqSport challenge" - hitting 5 outdoor shops in Aberdeen in 2 hours. Although I picked up (i.e. bought) gear for the weekend, no-one stocked an XXL climbing harness.

Rushing around now after heading back to work to get some paperwork caught up with.

Location: Badaguish. Instructors: Kendal Mountaineering Services.

Point of note: people shouldn't use terms like "MIA" and "The deadman" without explaining fully what they mean. Nervous people like me might get the wrong impression ;-)

Weird Darren (sans buff) is re-assuring me with words, links and a photo on his blog, here.


Speaking of WD, he noticed the "Best of Brit Blog Awards 2007", from [link]. This is not the Bloggies, which is organised differently.

So, go find and vote for your favourite UK blog folks. Now, I reckon hiking blogs are under "travel". But the split of opinions has caused people problems in the past IIRC.


Dave just off the phone discussing solutions to my harness problem. Hmm - no giggling at the back there. I'm off to check late shopping times, and post a 'help' note on OM.

(we're your metro, turning up the hiss on everyone elses' earphones)