Sunday, 18 February 2007

BobCast: TrailCast

Finally got round to listening to Bob's interview with Bob Butler, to find out what happened to Trailcast. Good discussion on the future of media in general. Something that is being batted around on various hiking blogs just now. I'll be recommending it to folk at work, ties in with the Money Programme's "DIY TV" that was on on Friday.

Site mentioned in the interview:


Went into a couple of shops after setting my works laptop to back up files. The wind-up radio/torch in Blacks looks nice, but I'll wait for a sale, before I replace my current radio (which also came from Blacks). They have the some plastic bottles packed with kit for about a tenner; and discounts on the Camelbak bottles.

Went to Craigdon Mountain Sports next and treated myself to a pair of snow goggles. Following the hike in the snow, and my usual after-action-report, goggles would certainly have saved me from manually shielding my eyes. Chap in the shop said they are quite useful in heavy rain too. Something I'd not thought about.

As expected, wore them in the flat. Wondered where the button was to open the visor?


Media empire has expanded again after this afternoon's T-shirt hunt.


Hi to the International visitors. New Haven/USA visited yesterday after I'd closed for the night - don't worry, they came back twice on Sunday. Also from the USA: Eau Claire (I'm sure there's a song in there), Catawissa (that's just a freaky name, were's it from? Any relation to this?), and the more maturely named Catherdral City.

Down the continent to South America, and Bogota and Sao Paulo. Sorry, too tired to do the squiggly bits over the letters.

In Europe, one from Sandnes/Norway - that has got to be above the Arctic Circle. Woo hoo (puts on snow goggles). Takes off snow goggles as too much shadow to type properly. Back south, to Munich once more, then to Korntal-Munchingen - blue/white logo, that's got to be in Bavaria? Ja? Finally, down to Barcelona/Catalonia.

Now, remember earlier I said I was worried about the blog being proxied. Well, shss, don't tell anyone, but there's been visits from China. I can't say where, in case I blow their cover. But there were 2 visits from different parts of the country, and I don't want to spoil their New Year celebrations.

Visitor goals for next week: at least on visit from Africa.

Figures as to 2200hrs: 57 visits, 98 pageviews. 61.40% returning visitors, 38.60 new visitors. 53 people visited the main page, and spent an average of 6minutes54seconds there.


John Hee said...

So the chinese are onto you as well then Atkoman. You can expect the 419er e-mails from Africa to drop by in the very near future

Anonymous said...

"38.6 new visitors". I think you need to call a press conference.

AktoMan said...

I'm being visited by the ghost of Randall!!!!

Yes, I forgot to put the percentage sign in. My bad.