Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Bob Casts the WildeBeat

I listened to the new BobCast interview on my iPod in bed last night. Yeah, I know I'm sad, tell me something I don't know. Good interview. I haven't heard the other one when Bob chats with Trailcast, as I only caught a few of those shows, but have listened to a lot of WildeBeats.

At the time of writing, the podcast is on iTunes, but hasn't yet been updated onto the zone.

Steve Sergeant explains how he got into podcasting, where he hopes it might be going, what equipment he uses, and just how much editing goes into his shows. The gents then talk about surveys and listeners and their backgrounds.

I won't mention Steve's lilting musical tones as they were missing from the Skype-based interview. Did I miss them because they weren't there? Or was it down to the transmission/recording medium? Accents are strange things.

WildeBeat reminds me of the sheer size of the USA, and the differing terrain their. It is a Big Country.

I'm off to add Jim Metzner's "Pulse of the Planet" to my podcast list.