Saturday, 3 February 2007

Tidying up

Found these links to follow up - they're taking up so much space on Outlook, I thought I'd just put them here until I got round to following them up.

No, I'm not untidy, just organised in multi-dimensions.


Oh, got a message from the MCoS that my membership card had been returned as "unknown at this address". Strange that. I hadn't moved, and last year's got through okay. Sounds like the Post Office doing their normal sloppy job - wonder what caused it this time? Might explain what happened to the stuff I never got before Christmas. Makes me proud to be British. I wonder if the Queen has these problems with her Post Office? Maybe she should look into it - I mean, they are her representatives on Earth. God bless you, Ma'am; now go and put some flames up the @rses of your staff rather than having the managers give more excuses and putting prices up again - none of which improves the service from the schmuck who can't deliver lots of post in limited time cos the number of posties have been cut back. As ever, the solution is simple - focus on the core business.

Later deliveries means I rarely see a post office worker on the streets to say "thanks for delivering the post". No sense of community. No wonder service declines. Now, why's that a radical thought?


John Hee said...

You devil, more links for me to look at and eat into my waking hours!

The survival one looks interesting

AktoMan said...

LOL - sorry to be so helpful :)

I've found some other FMs from the US Army. The 'dangerous' stuff is taken out, but the others useful. I remember seeing a US Army first aid course, with video clips, placed by them on the Internet.