Friday, 9 February 2007

Sluggish Friday Night

Ah, the rock'n'roll lifestyle continues. Tonight I have been mainly backing up my system, packing for a daytrip down Glen Ey on Saturday, and watching TV. Nice bit about the launch of Vista, good prog about the last duel fought in Britain, and then the pilot of "Welcome to Strathmuir" (it won't get a 2nd chance with me, life's too short). I'm tempted to track down a book on the code of dueling and keep a copy at work for the next time someone insults me. Maybe Cicerone could publish one? Ice axes at dawn??

Back to packing, and taking emergency LuK* just in case weather turns nasty. Just valley walking, but the forecast is cold and windy, so merino leggings under windproof trousers are in order. Heading down to Altanour Lodge, ESE of Carn Bhac, and then back to Inverey. If weather too bad the back-up plan is coffee and gear shops.

*LuK = lying-up kit. Tent, stove, warm food and makings, sleeping bag. Foil bag lives in my first aid kit permanently. Extra layer and gaiters in case heavy snow.