Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Food Quiz

Only achieved 7 out of 11 on the "Don't gross out the world" food quiz. Strangely got the Scottish one wrong, but the Japanese one right. Usagi Yojimbo rules.

The "Outdoors Leurve Test" across at OM is fun. Last time I was out hiking with a woman of the opposite sex, I almost took her eye out a few times with my trekking pole, as I turned to point to something. Or follow the flight of a bird, helicopter or shiny glowing butterflies (the last one was a manga reference).

Subscribed to a few relevant channels across on YouTube, if anyone's bored and wants to go round the houses.

Speaking of YouTube, I found this by Yazoo. brings back memories of a pre-summer when we were finally 6th Years, and could lounge around the Nicky's 6th year hut if we didn't have classes. This was the record that was played to death. Shame that the Flying Pickets killed it. Then the hut burnt down IIRC. Ah, where does the time go, and the waistline come from?