Monday, 12 February 2007

Another Manic Monday

Someone sent a suspicious package to a building near my work. It turned out not to be dangerous. I felt sorry for the folks who had to deal with it. As it wasn't an explosive, it didn't even make the BBC News main site, but was hidden in the regional stories. A bomb disposal squaddy had the job of picking up the packet and taking it to the X-ray machine in their van. [BBC News story]

Spent the evening adding some more clips to YouTube. Just clips I had on the pc from the last couple of years. Nothing death-defying (i.e. interesting).

Watching George "London backpacker" on YouTube, gear reviewing 3 packs. I've subscribed to his channel, makes life easier. [blog] I'd picked up on this from Andy Howell's blog, but I can't get the Steve Perry video working, hopefully it is a temporary issue. Only 4 exclamation marks when he mentions my handle, so obviously not mad yet.


I'm thinking of joining the MBA, as I feel obliged to them for providing me with warmth and shelter.


Recorded a "first glimpse" piece for YouTube. It's about 6 minutes long. Still being processed, but will appear here when finished. Probably naff, but it saves me typing - not that I feel driven to write about the contents of outdoors magazines. Just a passing fad.