Thursday, 1 May 2008

Postal Blues

I wrote an email to a wargames figure company last night to chase up an outstanding order. Ordered 4th March, 1/3rd of order arrived 6 weeks later, but no sign of rest of order.

Turns out the order was sent out from stock the next day, but the later was being resupplied from the US. There was a delivery note in the pack informing me of this. The packet never arrived.

Looks like the Post Office are up to their old tricks again. Last year items were returned to sender as I was never informed by the PO that they were waiting to be collected (1, 2). And some items just never arrived.

We were getting on so well recently too. I wonder what has happened? I wonder if this bodes badly for any other mail that's coming in: my new MiniBullDesign stove?

The company are re-sending me the missing order. I wonder if they will get their money back from the Post Office. Before hell freezes over.

Can I be bothered filling out a complaints form again, and wait 2 weeks for an automated response again, where nothing gets done. Or do I, like a UK citizen, just be happy that I am only in a small percentage of daily losses ... yadda yadda yadda.

I feel worthless. Like a standard UK citizen. Yawn.


Chris ( said...

So the UK Post Office is up to its old tricks again? I had several parcels go missing that I sent to the UK at Christmas. I feel your annoyance!

Abcol@Altens said...

I call them lottery tickets at the Post Office

AktoMan said...

I'm feart tae ask, P ... is that cos it's a lottery that they get delivered in the first place?

Abcol@Altens said...

Well ... my advice is don't be honest on customs forms (eg "necklace"), don't use anoynmous packaging unwelded packaging and get used to "well mate I feel your pain but". Indeed there seems to be a new culture of "yes we nicked your money but we sure are gonna make it difficult for you to get it back".

AktoMan said...

Aye, the uncaring culture. Britain is just so crap these days. Was it ever any different, or have we just had 10 years of people pretending to give a hoot?

Ever change in service that the Post Office have made recently has been to the detriment of the customer - and no-one in authority gives a hoot.

I've seen the haradrin at the sorting office refuse to go looking because someone came in 46hrs after the card was left and not 48hrs. Personally, she's refused to go and see if I had an item waiting for me as I have had no "lottery" card. I can see her point, but if her colleagues can't be TRUSTED to leave the card in the first place, FTW does she think people are going to do? They make absolutely no attempt to re-contact the customer before returning or 'disposing' of a package.

Meanwhile the fat cats get fatter. The customers get screwed over, and then get hit with "well, we only lose 0.0xxx% of mail per day". How the heck does it get "lost"? Nothing is ever "lost" - stolen, hidden, destroyed in vehicle crashes, yes, but matter cannot ever be "lost".

Perhaps like the military and the rail network, they need a police force?