Saturday, 3 May 2008


I passed 4 speed traps between Aberdeen and Braemar this morning. Nice to see the authorities concerned about safety. Still some snow on the hills. Hopefully not Beinn a'Ghlo. Packet arrived in post today. The small pots, dropper bottles and ziplock bags ordered last weekend from SHC Web in Carlisle. I'll swap my lotions n potions into them. I put in a marker pen before setting off.



PhilW said...

Duncan, a useful site you found there. I've just had a package from them. Small resealable bags, small storage boxes and their mixed set (travel pack) of bottles, pots etc. Don't know if I will use all of them but useful as a way of getting a few examples, the minimum order of individual pots looked to be 10 which is a bit much if they may not be exactly what you want. Would be interested to hear how you've found them? My initial thought was that some looked a bit hospital disposable type. Others looked more sturdy - perhaps not the same quality as nalgene pots, but then they are cheaper anyway. But should find a good few uses for them.

AktoMan said...

Just checked my lotions-n-potions bag, and here's what I've ended up using:

1 dropper bottle (10ml Squeezy Bottle) for "mountain suds" soap.

1 5ml Plastic Jar for "deep freeze" pain relief gel.

1 5ml Plastic Jar for refreshing foot balm (what Bob sells at

1 5ml Plastic Jar for germolene.

The consistency of these 3 items meant they were not suitable for using in dropper bottle.

I could port things like sun lotion into a dropper bottle, but it is a wee travel spray, so not worth it. Same for things like vaseline lip balm and midge repellent. They're in a small container already.

I just couldn't see reason for carrying large heavy tubes of balm when small, suitable, containers would suffice.

As to wee ziplock bags, I use them for tea bags, salt, etc.