Sunday, 25 May 2008

Sunday. Braemar.

Carn a Mhaim tackled. Now tackling queue at Hungry Highlander.



Along Glen Luibeg


A Pythonesque mob of tourist hikers stride past me on the way to the welcoming Derry Lodge


Beside the bridge at Derry Lodge.


One last look back


A herd of deer on the horizon


Almost back to the car. Started walking after 10am, summit at 2pm, car at 6pm.


Simon said...

10 minutes from Carn a' Mhaim to the Hungry Highlander. I'm impressed. I wonder what the motivation could have been...

Anonymous said...

Ah, magic place that chippy. Enticed me down the road for many a weary miles. Dawn

AktoMan said...

Hah b****y hah ;-) Phone reception temperamental, Simon. I was surprised that the post from the summit didn't get through.

As to motivation - yup, the mental image of a fish supper.

I only drove in, Dawn. You and Darren walked the long climb to town.

Jerry said...

Aktoman 1, Ranulf Fiennes 0.

AktoMan said...

LOL - but I bailed on the winter climb, Jerry, and took ages on this straight-forward trek.

In the same time, Satej from work tackled 3 peaks near Drumochter.

Simon said...

Hey, Duncan, don't do yourself down. Relook at your photos - that's an impressive hill you got up. And by a non-conventional and fairly tough route.

So when do you go for 50 ?

AktoMan said...

Ach, the side of the Lairig was only about a 200m walk up. I'm sure Littlejohn St in Aberdeen's steeper than that!

As to others - well, I'll need to set out my summer. Thinking on the SUW again - depends on FJ wanting some way merks. And then some Munros. Nothing planned. Got a pile of dental work to find money for :(

Jerry said...

Yeah Duncan, what Simon says is right - don't do yourself down! That's a fair sized hill and you made it hard for yourself doing it with camping kit - a lot tougher proposition than with a day pack. I've done it in the opposite direction (with my Akto too as it happened) - plenty hard work.