Monday, 12 May 2008

Challenge Spotting

Watching Cameron's video (blog link) of the start of the TGO Challenge. There's Darren in my GoLite cap, Dawn in her scarf and dark glasses. The age differences and 'non-competitive' determination of entrants. Backpacks, trekking poles and smiles.

I note with interest that in the 4 hours that the video's been available, it has had 188 downloads. Keep up the good work, Cameron, and I look forward to the BBC "Adventure Show" coverage.


Anonymous said...

Hi Duncan,
It's Tuesday evening now and it's been downloaded 1562 times. Obviously much interest in the Challenge - or else Darren has downloaded it 1400 times!!!

AktoMan said...

LOL. I've told one of my workmates about the video as yet another example of the benefit of small video production online.

And I showed it to a pal so she can hear what Darren and Dawn sound like for when she reads their blogs.