Saturday, 17 May 2008

Braemar Saturday.

Camped out last night near Linn of Dee and was up and about at 8am, breaking camp at 9am.



leave no trace.


Red wine, not plasma, honest.

In that time there was a steady stream of eastbound walkers.


I tabbed it along the Dee, meeting and chatting to Challengers (hi Andy; who isn't John Manning).



Some people were wary of the river crossing, the one I didn't do at Easter (link).

Met Darren and Dawn at noon within site of Geldie Lodge. I didn't have to wade any watercourses, which was nice. (maplink)


We returned the way that i had come, stopping for a break at the Red House, re-meeting the couple featured in Cameron's video.



Dawn set a rapid pace and we were back at the Linn of Dee for 3pm. I could feel hot-spots on my right foot.


Leaving them to walk in to town, i was tasked with driving in to Braemar and securing accommodation. Finding the TIC who pointed me to the bunkhouse that Dawn had recalled. We got the last 3 places. By coincidence, i had driven past 3 Challengers walking in to Braemar. I drove back out to deliver the news, and to get me out of town.






After the long climb to Braemar, Darren reports in to Challenge Control.

Video ramblings:


chasrle said...

I like the time-lapse photography :)

AktoMan said...

Thanks, Chas. It was just an idea to show all these folk that walked by my tent over breakfast.

ps: I've some more photos to post soon.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic photos Duncan. Mind, I hate my photos being taken. Also, somehow, you managed to make my boobs looks massive. Was this a deliberate man thing? By the by, blog write up complete. Dawn

AktoMan said...

Thanks for letting me walk along. That's one heck of a fast pace you set.

There's a few posts coming in, so it'll be a good reason to sit down at the computer and just read and enjoy.