Friday, 23 May 2008

I've Tax to Pay - Yippee

Dead and taxes are said to be unavoidable. But we have a 2nd rate system of handling import duty in the UK. I've written about it in the past so won't waste my time mentioning this Victorian random handling of taxes. Just to say that it seems to be a cheap way for the post office to make about 8 quid out of me. Not their fault. They are subcontracted from the Government. Previous article: immature-customs

So, why am I happy? Well, it means that there's a package from the USA waiting for me. Either my order from Sarah at Freezer Bag Cooking or Tinny at Mini Bull Design. And I'm off to meet George in the Cairngorms for an overnighter at the Corrour Bothy at the start of the Lairig Ghru.

If I am lucky, the package is waiting for me at the sorting office - all shiny and new and waiting for me to collect it and take it with me.

Sadly, this idyllic image is spoilt by the fact that I've a dentist appointment beforehand. As some people know, I'm a big woose when it comes to these things. So the happy thoughts of shiny new gear should help me get a good night's sleep.

Lairig Ghru

Here's the view last summer. The bothy's off to the left side of the shot. (maplink)


BryanY. said...

Ah yes... got to pay the piper. Nice to know those in other countries are not immune.

Our lawmakers have had the audacity to proclaim a tax "rebate" for those that don't even pay any taxes. Seems like I remember something of dumping tea in a harbor somewhere... oh sorry.

AktoMan said...

I'd love to be able to just pay the tax duty, but our system is random. If you are 'caught' then you pay the duty plus a fee to the postal company for them processing it. This isn't taxation it is gambling!

As to the Boston "tea party", IIRC, most people in the colony drunk coffee anyway, so the increase in tax didn't affect them. Plus they paid less tax than people in Britain. But, heck, I have Continentals, State troops, and militia , and try and persuade the Scots that the generals through against us to through off their shackles and join the rebellion. All in 25/28mm.

paulmartin42 said...

Great pic (again) of U shaped glaciated valley - oh did learn more than one think in Geography all those years back