Friday, 16 May 2008

We don't do Saturdays

Just heard on Radio 4 that the Post Office Royal Mail are now proposing to stop delivering mail on Saturday. What a joke organisation this is. At what point will someone in power stand up to the mismanagement and say "enough is enough". It is just another sign that no-one cares about the public deliveries and are only interested in business deliveries.


BG! said...

So, if you work Monday to Friday and you've got "sign-for" mail on the way, how's that going to work if you elect to have the mail redelivered because you can't get to the unsorting office?

Just one thing, though - it's the Royal Mail that deliver (or don't, as the case may be). The Post Office is a different beast.

AktoMan said...

Royal Mail - sorted. I can't keep up with these companies that the public may or maiy not be major shareholders in, but are treated as 'problems'.

Aye, I wondered about when redeliveries would be organised for the majority of people who work 9-5. A few years ago, the post was delivered to me between 0745 and 0815. If I knew something was coming, I could wait in before work.

If the sorting office is to shut on a Saturday, then that's the end of home deliveries completely, and us public will have to get to the sorting office before work, or during an early lunchbreak.

Service? See my previous comment about how crap Britain has become!

Of course, it is probably just a political move to say "shut down xxx more post offices, OR lose the Saturday delivery". We'll be the last to have a say in the matter anyway.

Londonbackpacker said...

I've just started having signed for stuff delivered to my work address.

It makes life so much easier.

Anonymous said...

I suspect a conspiracy here as talk of Royal Mail privatisation increases. Is this hill walking/backpacking just training for when you guys start your own delivery business .......... please don't nick birthday cards everybody knows now not to enclose $$

AktoMan said...

I think the only conspiracy is that the people 'running' the postal service in the UK only care about business postal deliveries and don't give a fig about us citizens.

I say "all those who want to run only a business delivery system go out to the car park. While they're out, all that want to give the UK a delivery service to be proud of, lock the door on the fat cat capitalists."

paulmartin42 said...

Ah but what about those who do not understand the difference - there are goodish people everywhere some with capitalist tendencies (you need such now as pension funds are raided)