Monday, 16 April 2007

Sleeping Mat

Spent some of evening looking at replacement for the Thermarest Prolite Short. A fine mat, but I'd like to try something more comfortable. Looking at the following items:

  • Insul Mat Max Thermo Lite Sleeping Pad, but Sierra Trading Post only have them in regular or long. (link)
  • Big Agnes produce an insulated air core pad, and the 60" mummy shape looks fine and dandy. 18 ounces, and packs to 3.5"x8". I've just emailed them about UK shipping. (link)

With the current exchange rate, the products are even more tempting than normal. I'd gotten into the habit of using the bivvy bag to hold the sleeping mat, and then the sleeping bag together. That way, no matter which way I turned, the arrangement kept together. I didn't roll the bivvy bag all the way up, just to about knee length. Not too restrictive, and did the job.

Also doubled as a seat in the morning over breakfast, as the bivvy would protect the thermarest and the sleeping bag from the dewy grass.

I'll be rolling out items here over the next week. Today's been a slow day for me.


Chris Cowell said...

I have just ordered a couple of Ether Thermo 6 Short pads from after reading glowing reports on OM and an awful night on a Prolite 3 short! Great price too, £35 each including shipping from Oz.

Chris - HikeWales

AktoMan said...

Thanks, Chris, I'll add that to the list.

I'm not rushing things, unless the strength of the pound nose-dives.