Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Southern Upland Way.

You haven't heard from me for a few days so thought I would let you know the cows haven't got me yet although they follow me everywhere. Sun goes down, the cows follow me. The sun rises, the cows follow me.
Sweltering so not walking as far as I had thought. I have only managed 15 miles a day. I was expecting to do more.
Hearing meteorological planes overheard. Found bivvy bag uncomfortable so I am back in the tent. Much more comfortable.
Hoping to get a new charger and then I can get into the swing of things again.


Ali and Lay said...

Glad to hear that all is well. Lay

Simon said...

I am relieved that all is well - you had us worried there AM.

Michael G Clark said...

I thought the charger hadn't worked, or the bears had got you.

Glad you doing ok, things are fine back home too.

Paddy Dillon said...

Glad you're still on the trail. 15 miles per day is plenty for that route. I doubt you'll find a charger without a trip to Dumfries.

Story Quine said...

Jings - that wis a relief - I thought ye'd frozen tae death one night! 15miles is TONS a day - me and K did the Deeside Line as far as Milltimber on Fri - that's 3 miles, took under 2hr, and ma feet were v sair. Took bus back into town. Sunny easter sunday - happy easter to you!


Michael G Clark said...

If I don't hear anything from Akto by Thursday I'm sending out search hamsters. That'll learn him.

Story Quine said...

Well, ye winna have tae worry noo, Clarkie. The Akto-sign is well-and-truly glowing again.

AktoMan said...

The hamster was tastie. Please send another one, this time with some brandy to wash it down.

Got charger in Galashiels, and 1.5gig of stills and videos clips sorted. Picked up another 512mb card today. YouTube video blog for sure. Not sure if milage in selling the high (picture) quality for charity? See what interest YT brings.

ps: got a secret invention for refilling a hydration sack without removing it from the backback. I wonder if any-one else has invented it too?